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Bring the change right from the place you live

Renuka from DLF, Garden City, Chennai is an enthusiatic person who always tirelessly working towards betterment of environment joined hands with EcoMithra to create an awarness campaign at their permises on adverse effects of using plastic bags. EcoMithra is excited to be part of this great initiative to turn DLF, Garden City as one of the early adopters of Refusing plastic bags.


DLF, Garden city consists of 20 blocks as clusters and each contains 70 families. As first phase we are doing for single block on 17th June 2018 from 3pm to 5pm IST and then move on with rest of the blocks in phases.

We strongly believe that young generations are the ones who are going to make this possible and so we decided to create awareness among kids in a very innovative fun filling sessioin.

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