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Never feel afraid to do right thing and never feel shy to express your views

Until we decide things to change we can't bring the change . Be it at home or be it outside ur home

Sunday as usual another lazy day and best time to spend shopping with family. Best thing that we do on this day is buying groceries in supermarket with your family and mostly it happens after 10 am. Today like any other weekend I went to nilgiris supermarket to buy vegetable along with my wife and 3 1/2 yrs son . As usual all those plastic bag rolls are kept near by veggies and fruits baskets / containers . Myself and my wife took a cloth bag with us. We were sure not to use those plstic bag rolls to fill the veggies . Rather we took the basket kept by supermarket and kept filling it as we took the veggies . We went tp the counter with 10 diff veggies and 3 fruits . If we had used plastic bags then we would have used 13 small bags from those rolls . We went to the counter and the person in the bill counter with angry face asked us why did we mixed all the veggies instead of using those bags. I strongly made my point I don't use plastic bags and she can't push me to use as well. She argued with me that it takes lot of time at least 10 mins to segregate weigh and bill. I replied her I saved 13 bags going to landfill which stays there forever and she is worried about that 10 mins. Many worst things happens due to these plastic bags and still ypu want ur customers to use due to your 10 mins of comfort zone . She smiled at me and said even if law is passed no one is gonna adopt it because it has become more like an habit and people are habitual to it . I gave the suggestion of string bags and still she argued it's not in their hands to decide what needs to be put. Tp my suprise I hear couple of people raising their voice in the long standing queue question the cashier why she needs to stop when something good is happening and if she is gonna do that or deny to bill then they will quit buying veggies right away from nilgiris. When I check their basket they had plstic bags but immediately they unloaded all veggies and put those veggies back to basket . Cashier couldn't do anything other than wiegh and give me bill for my veggies ... while walking out still I could hear people whispering about it . Some deny some defend and some argue ...

It was tough time of 10 mins of argument but that made many to rethink about what they were doing .

This abosuletly made my day and happy for whay I did now . Happy to see some stood for the change immediately and for rest I am sure this will be another weekend discussion back home. ..

I didn't do something great here . I just fought for right thing to do . This is the power of talking to people . When we do right thing people around us get influenced and that's were the change starts without being said explicitly.

10 mins of talk will definetly make that little crowd to think about it .

This is what exactly we need to do. Don't search for opportunity to speak up . Opportunity is everywhere and make use of it no matter what .

Don't worry about people criticise you and don't be ashamed to speak up ...if not us then no one can step forward

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