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Journey from Plastic Bags to Cloth Bags

Change at my house

I started the change couple of months ago and i had difficult time in doing so . i made a point to take cloth bags with me if i step out of my house. so i have couple of bags in my car and bike . My wife slowly adopted it as well. now she is having cloth bag in her office bag. she gets veggies in that only . My 3 yrs old son insist on that. i didnt tell him or talk to him on this but by listening to the conversation we had he started himself to ask if we took cloth bag when we go out.


Speaking about dangers of plastic bag to public

when i go to super market i talk to the guy who sits in the bill counter. i knnow he cant do much about it and he is not deciding authority however what i am sure of is there are lot of people who will be listening to this conversation. there i spread awarness while i talk to that counter guy.

Recently i went to saloon shop and my wife got some product for hair care . he was giving me plastic bag and i started to talk to him about the danger of using plastic bags . He told me that he was searching for such kinda bags .

I buy millets and other organic products from a near by organic store. i noticed the plastic bags given out. I had small conversation with him asked him when he started the organic store aiming to give true good food for customers on other hand he is giving plastic bags which is a top killer of all. He started to think and got my number . he pinged and gave the size of the bag he would like to try out .

what i do is wherever i go i dont do separate awarness campaign but i observe the environment and make use of it to create awarness. every place we visit we can see these plastic bags been used heavily .. be it saloon supermarket tea stall annachi shop or big malls ... those places we often visit to fulfill our daily needs and these are the places we can best use the opportunity to talk about it. The more we talk about danger of using plastic bags the more we can create awwarness. u dont have to define place and people ... just gohead and talk to them .. either they listen, criticise , think or even step forward appreciating your true intension. And the best part is you dont have to spend separate extra time doing so. while u do ur day to day activity u have all opportunity to speak about it.

This is how i got the change at my house and spreading awarness in wherever i go and in whatever mean i can

- Shreekanth Murali




I am the change and will bring the change

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1 comentário

ashok mohan
ashok mohan
01 de jun. de 2018

Plastics are harmful for health as well as for the environment and there are many reasons why we should avoid them for the betterment of future.

Good Initiative..! being started by you and i would like to be part of this life changing initiative by avoiding plastics.

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